These 10 Survival Tips for First-Time Dads were compiled by dads, for dads. Taking the leap into fatherhood is stressful, especially if you don’t have the knowledge or past experience in raising a child. Get the upper hand by reviewing the list below, the more you know the better parent you will be.

  1. It gets much easier once they can smile at you.
  2. Plan on doing lots of laundry, especially if you cloth diaper. There is no shame leaving them in a onesie all day.
  3. Don’t expect to sleep through the night for at least three month’s after the baby is born. With my youngest daughter having colic, these first three months are hazy.
  4. Start saving for their post secondary education as soon as your can.
  5. Don’t refuse any help from friends and family. It takes an army to raise a child.
  6. Be Patient. If you feel yourself losing patience, put your baby down in their crib and walk away for a minute or two to cool off. If you get frustrated, remember that they are only a baby and do not have the ability to communicate. They cry, eat, poop and sleep (in that order).
  7. Try not to buy too many toys that make a lot of noise, require a gazillion batteries or cannot be turned off.
  8. When you change a diaper, do it as quickly as you can (while still doing it correctly), else you will get pissed on.
  9. It gets better, do not get despaired by the first years which are tough. The older and more independent your children get, the more independence you gain back.
  10. Don’t dismiss any ideas your kid has because they are weird.