Winter can be is depressing, for both adults and kids. The constant bombardment of snow and cold weather often keeps people inside during the winter season, however Winter can be a wonderful time to spend time with your family outdoors. Yes, this involves putting snow suits on kids which is an ordeal in itself but once they let out that first scream from sledding down the hill, that 45 minutes of preparation was worth it. Here are some great outdoor Winter activities that the family will love.

1. Skiing or Snowboarding.If you are fortunate to live close to a ski hill, skiing is a fun great sport that can really build memories and keep you fit. Cross country skiing is also great fun to do with the family and is free (presuming you have your own skis).

2. Snowshoeing.  The best part about snowshoeing is that if you can walk, you can snowshoe. Snowshoes are inexpensive to buy and like cross country skiing, can be done pretty much anywhere. Our favorite places are in provincial/state parks.

3. Ice Skating? Skating takes a little practice but but that is what parents are for. Bring a chair, helmet and hot chocolate and a fun afternoon is sure to be had.

4. Tubing or Sledding. The winter activity that all kids love. This is inexpensive and is sure to bring smiles to your kid (and you).

5. Snow Painting.  All you need is a few water bottles with a squirt top lid, some water and food coloring. Fill each bottle with water and food coloring of your choice.

6. Igloos and Snow Caves. Similar to indoor forts, kids love building and playing ‘house’ . We have often used aluminum bread pans as a brick mold for an igloo. For ideas and techniques about building a snow fort, check out instructions here.

7. Shoveling Snow. Said no one ever.