Warning: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The day can come with a lot of pressure to make it as romantic and original as possible, but relax, it’s not rocket science to show how much you love your wife. Remember, you used to be romantic in your younger years.

The trick is to think about what your wife likes, and then simply do it. I don’t mean get her a 6″ veggie sub because she likes them, I mean think about what would be considered a ‘treat’, something she doesn’t get to do very often. Follow these 9 rules to create a memorable day for her.

1. Surprise her. It is always nice to have your expectations surpassed. This is why you must plan at least one surprise. Note, jumping out of a closet yelling ‘Boo’ is not a surprise.

2. All about her. Wake her to her favorite breakfast in bed. Watch her favorite romantic comedy. Give her a massage. Pamper her.  It’s only once a year gents, she deserves it.

3. Reminisce. Take her to the place you first met, have your ‘song’ queued on the iPod, re-make the first meal you made for her.. unless it is Kraft Dinner or Raymen noodles from university days.

4. Proclaim your love. Hold her hand while you walk down the street, kiss after cheersing at your favorite restaurant, send flowers to her work. Let the world know that you love her and your not embarrassed to let anybody know… even though we all secretly know that holding hands while walking is uncomfortable and throws off our stride.

5. Tell her that she is beautiful. Your wife loves to know that you still find her attractive after all these years together. Hopefully you tell her this more then one a year on Valentines day.

6. Spend time with her. Simple, Spend the day with her. Have breakfast with her, play a game together, pick up the kids with her. This is easily the most underestimated rule, she wants to spend time with you. Sure you can surprise her with flowers, but if you are ditching her to watch the game after dinner, your flowers are void, and so are your changes of sleeping in the same bed as her.

7. Get a babysitter. It’s hard to get in the mood while watching ‘Frozen’ for the umpteenth time.

8. Avoid tacky gifts. It is better to give nothing than to show up with a ceramic mug with hearts. The rule of thumb is, no gifts shall be purchased at a drug store. This includes plush toys, cupid ornaments, $5.00 earrings and lotto tickets.

9. Buy a card. For once, don’t buy a card that you think she would find hilarious because it has a naked old man on the front of it. Instead get a romantic card that shows how you really feel about her. That is why Hallmark deserves your money, they write things that we are unable to (outside of ‘I Love You’).