Want a cheap and effective way to monitor your children while they sleep or when your away from home, check out the Wanscam Wireless Infared WiFi IP Network Camera.

In the 3 years we have been using these IP camera’s have been instrumental in determining if our kids really do need us when they are crying, ie have they fallen out of bed or just having a bad dream. The less you have to go into your kids room when they cry, the better they become at self soothing and less risk of creating bad sleep habits.

We originally purchased one of these camera’s for my daughter, liked it so much we purchased a second for my son. Both have had these cameras installed since they moved into their own rooms from a bassinet. For a mere $39.99 USD you can keep a watchful eye on your children from the comfort of your couch or bed.

wanscam browser

View from the Wanscam browser in Internet Explorer.

These camera’s feature infrared technology so the children only see a dim red light while you can see the kids in their entirety. These camera’s can be viewed by using a free IP camera application (I use IP CAM Viewer Basic available the Google Play Store) or by URL directly from your browser, which works on all devices from Apple to Android.

When we leave the house for extended periods of time (aka Christmas), these cameras double as security camera’s and will either capture video or email you pictures of your home when motion is detected, or save to a local SD card if present. Again, these will work when the lights are out due to the infrared capability.

Setup is a breeze as these are a true plug & play network camera, just power on and enter the supplied UID & password and you will be connected to the live video with your iPhone or Android device. Through the GUI, you can then make customization’s including static IP addresses, new users, display defaults and many more. You ca
n also control the camera in real-time from your device (Tablet, phone, PC), from  panning the camera in all directions to disable the infrared lighting.

The camera supports both Ethernet and WiFi capabilities. Please note that an A/C cable must be plugged in so these are not 100% wireless, only the internet connectivity is wireless capable.

The Wanscam cameras have the P2P feature, which allows you to view your camera’s remotely while away from home and disconnected from your home internet. This does require basic configuration changes in both the camera’s internal menu and on your internet router. Instructions can be found here.

My cameras are now over 4 years old and we have not experienced any issues with them. They do exactly as promised, keep our kids and home safe without spending hundreds of dollars on similar systems. They are definitely the best budget baby video monitor in my opinion.

A list of available Wanscam camera’s along with full product specifications can be found on their corporate website, Wanscam.com.

Buy on Amazon.com or Ebay.com for $39.99!


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