If you meet difficulties with involving the kids in the basic cleaning duties, you should not be confused – it is more than normal for them to refuse to take part in the household chores because they consider them a waste of time.

It is not easy to explain to your little kids why they should maintain their rooms sparkling clean and shiny, but once you succeed in dealing with this issue you will find it easier to manage with the household chores. Kids have a lot of other games to take up with and they are usually not interested in helping their parents with the common cleaning tasks.

No matter how hard you try, you will often find it really impossible to attract the attention of the children and to make them feel more enthusiastic when time for cleaning comes. There is no point in arguing with your kids – this way you will only make things worse. Instead, you can try another approaches that will help you to get your kids to clean easily.
Read the following lines and do not hesitate to try these amazing tips whenever you meet difficulties with involving the children in the household chores.

Make Cleaning Fun And Interesting Activity

It may sound weird that cleaning could be fun, however, everything is possible when you are motivated enough. When kids refuse to help you with the chores, try to create mood with their favourite songs or by introducing cleaning as an entertaining game. It is important to convince the kids that they will have a lot of fun while they arrange their rooms or while they wash the dishes and to demonstrate them how you can amuse yourself while you provide the cleaning.

Sharing Of responsibility

When kids are younger they do not realize that they need to take active part in the household chores. They accept cleaning duties as an act of punishment as they consider them boring and time consuming activity. Here the role of the parents is important because they need to explain to kids that all the family should take part in the process of cleaning. Divide the chores equally and make a schedule for all of the kids. Tell them that it is essential to follow the new schedule and to try to help the other family members with the basic cleaning tasks.

Be a Good Example For Your Kids

You may be surprised but kids will immediately observe whether you keep track of the cleaning tasks or not. Especially if you tell them to do this but you as a parent, do not follow the cleaning schedule. When your children know that you do not pay attention to the household chores they won’t be encouraged to take up with them too. Being a good example when time for cleaning comes will be a great incentive for kids who are reluctant to help with the common cleaning tasks at home.

These are some creative ways in which to inspire kids to participate in the cleaning and to feel more responsible towards these duties. Do not forget to supply the kids with excellent cleaning equipment and to praise them for their efforts. Remember that when you have the right approach, you can always convince the children to feel more enthusiastic when time for cleaning comes. Be creative and let the kids experiment when they provide some of the cleaning tasks. Make sure that you help them with more complicated chores and that you explain every step of the cleaning with simple words.

The article is kindly contributed by Edna Thomson who manages a team of Tenancycleaners in Abbey Wood