There are over 650 KFC restaurants scattered throughout Canada, but none of those were right for Brian Lutfy. Along with his two sons and a longtime family friend Niel Janna, Lufty drove 2,090 miles (3363km) from Montreal, Quebec to Corbin, Kentucky, just to have a tasty meal at the first KFC restaurant

The trip required 34 hours of driving time over five days and included driving through two Canadian provinces and five U.S. states, but it was worth it for Lutfy to give his sons the chance to have their first taste of KFC where the franchise started.  Along the way, they also decided to pack in some essential KFC history stops; first by visiting Harlan Sanders’ birthplace in Henryville, Indiana, followed by his Louisville gravesite before stopping at the headquarters of Yum! Brands, which owns KFC. Janna,  told the Times-Tribune: “When Brian called me up a few weeks ago, he asked me if I’d like to have a bite of KFC and I said, ‘Yeah!’ But when he said, ‘I mean, having KFC in Kentucky, I told Brian, ‘You’re joking, right?’ And he said, ‘I’m not.’ We’ve had a blast! Everybody’s been so friendly, been so accommodating, and it’s all been fantastic.”

When the group finally reached the Sanders Cafe, Lutfy presented the General Manager, Dennis Overbey, with gifts, including maple syrup and some Montreal-area KFC buckets that were printed in both English and French. Lutfy asked him,

“We traveled over 2,000 miles to have dinner here. Has anyone driven that far to get here?” Overbey said no, he didn’t think so.

Although it was his sons’ very first taste of KFC, Lutfy had actually been to the Sanders Cafe twice before, first in 1985 and again in the mid 1990’s.

“The important thing about this trip, is don’t be afraid to have fun,” Lufty said.

He said the trip had been at the top of his family’s bucket list.


After hearing about their amazing adventure, KFC contacted the two dads, Brian and Neil, to thank and congratulate them on being one of KFC’s biggest fans. KFC was so impressed with their journey, they sent them a package inviting to fly them and their families to KFC headquarters in Louisville, KY, for an unprecedented, behind the scenes VIP experience including meet and greets, tours and even some cooking training.

As they did on their road trip, Brian and Neil filmed their experience receiving the package and posted some fun videos to their Facebook page. You can view them here and see how they reveal this surprise to their family.

photo credit: KFC via photopin (license)