When mom is away, dad will play. Any play he did, performing an epic lip sync and dance to Katy Perry’s hit “E.T.” which was unknowingly being recorded. Watch as this dad breaks into dance and doesn’t think anyone else is watching.

His wife recently setup a video camera in the family room so the grandparents to see what the kids are up during the day. Apparently dad didn’t get the memo.

The video starts with a little girl waving her pom-poms around to the music as her baby sibling bounces around in a bouncy chair. Dad enters the room holding a laundry basket but quickly drops everything to join in on the family fun. He busts out the robot and even incorporates the pom-poms into his epic dance routine.

He seems to know nearly every word to Perry’s hit song, which happens when you become a dad to little girls, especially when it comes to a little movie called ‘Frozen’.

Though the camera was intended to keep an eye on the kids, we can all agree that what was actually captured is even better.