At one point in time growing up, having our parents drop us off at school, kiss us, hug us, and fuss over us can be a bit embarrassing especially in front of your friends, but this dad from Knoxville, Tennessee takes this to a new level as he followed his daughter to school though the use of a drone.

Chris Early, was told by his 8-year old daughter Katie that she wanted to walk to school on her own. According to Early who spoke to WVLT, “She said you’re not going to come watch me, but I had another idea,”. He decided that if he could not be there to watch her, he would fly is drone above her and ensure that she got to school safe and sound.

Was Katie embarrassed by her dad’s antics? Surprisingly no. When asked how she felt about it, Katie replied by saying, “I was like oh wow! He didn’t tell me so I was pretty surprised.” 

“It was something kind of fun to do just to let her know I’m watching her and stuff like that, but, it’s not something I’m going to be doing everyday.”  states Early. Time Magazine even called him the “World’s Most Embarrassing Dad” but we are sure that most dads will be fine with that title as long as it ensures their kids safety.

Do you think this dad went too far?