This video parody of the popular song ‘Rude’ performed by Benji and Jenna Cowart has earned a place in dads’ hearts for calling out unfit boyfriends. The tune is the latest twist on protective parenting.

YouTube viewer Tu Pham made some interesting comments on the Cowart’s video:

The original Rude song made a legitimate point — that an adult daughter is not her father’s property…

This dad (although talented) is appealing to outdated ideas and the insecurities of other fathers not being able to control who their daughters marry, and putting up some fictional target (a guy working in fast food as a living, whilst Magic are a successful band) to tear down with his prejudices and threats.

The Cowart’s responded:

Tu, hey I appreciate your comments and I’m responding because you have been very fair and kind in the way you have expressed your thoughts. I think in writing this joke response to Rude’s original, I was thinking more of what I would say if a guy told me he was going to marry my daughter regardless of my opinion.

I think that’s where the dad in me would blow up a bit and even say some things that are irrational. Even though this song is a joke, I’d never want to have a laugh at someone else’s expense. With the burgers and fries line, I was more thinking of the whole picture of a 28-year-old dude living in his mom and dad’s basement and not just taking a crack at a fast food worker.

The whole song is just trying to channel a dad’s gut response to a hypothetical dude telling him he’s marrying the man’s daughter regardless of what the dad thinks. When it’s all said and done, I hope my daughter (when that day comes) marries a man who loves her regardless of his job, race, and income.

If I have been a good dad, then she’ll have a good idea of how a man should treat her and I won’t have to punch anyone in the face (cuz even if I did, they’d just laugh at me cuz I’m not that strong anyways).

Thanks again though for pushing back and making me think on this.