Kids say the darndest things and three-year-old Harper Grace is no exception. She had some insightful observations and an adorable way of describing things so her dad, Martin Bruckner‘s decided to illustrate some of his daughter’s funny quotes… the results are a series he calls Spaghetti Toes.

If you’re wondering how the strange name of this series came about, it’s quite simple. One day, Bruckner overheard his wife telling Harper not to put spaghetti between her toes. This got him thinking about all of the crazy and absurd things his daughter says on a daily basis, and ultimately, inspired him to create the illustration series below.

As the art director for a boys clothing company, Martin has some skills. He’s compiled his illustrations into a book for Michelle and Harper and is also selling several “Spaghetti Toes” prints on Etsy.

Enjoy the compilation as this dad illustrates the funny things his 3-year-old daughter says.