Jeff Wysaski of ObviousPlanet placed these hilarious fake brochures for “Dad Land” at a shopping center off Hollywood Boulevard, CA, which describe an amusement park that every dad dreams of.

Want to play some golf with no green fees, head over to Golf Island.

Need a nap after your disappointing round? Wander over to Nap Valley and take advantage of their 36 rows of recliners, accompanied by TV’s with over 50 sports channels.

Hungry? Grill Nation features hundreds of grill stations and have 28 types of meat available for charring.

No Kids Canyon, dubbed the quietest place on the earth. Sit down, have a drink from any of the unlocked liquor cabinets.

Wish things never changed? Head over to Retro World which features a 50’s diner and no rap music is allowed.

Check out the full brochure below.

Thumbs Up for Dad Land!

Thumbs Up for Dad Land!



Nap Valley. That will be my halfway point.



No Kids Canyon – the quietest place on earth.


A closer look.

A closer look.



Wear socks with sandals and receive 15% off admission. I wonder if crocks are considered sandals?



Conveniently located in-between our kid’s daycare and Best Buy.



32 affordable restaurants!


The discovered brochures.

The discovered brochures.



Find Waldo. Waldo being the most wonderful, amazing place in the world.