Brett Winek’s 3-year-old son Holden loves the hit Pixar movie Cars and adores the star of the movie, Lightning McQueen. So his dad decided to turn his new car into a real-life replica.

“McQueen is his favorite character, and he loves Mater, too. He has both of the characters in toy cars and mimics their sayings all the time while playing,” Winek said.

dad lightning mcqueen 2

When dad purchased a new red Mustang, he realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create an epic surprise for Holden. With a price tag of $1,200 and the help of a local car shop, his car was transformed into a real-life Lightning McQueen.

dad lightning mcqueen 3

The car is complete with lightning decals, sponsors and of course McQueen’s signature racing number.

And of course his son loved it, “He lit up so much when we picked up the car. He hopped around it and immediately wanted to jump in the driver’s seat!”