One dad just completed the ultimate IKEA hack.

Eric Strong, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, purchased a Kura Bed from the Swedish furniture store and transformed it into a clubhouse for his son.

Strong spent the past few months trying to convince his five-year-old son that he should trade in his convertible toddler bed for a big kid bed, but his son was hesitant – until he agreed on an exchange for “the most awesome bed ever.”

Keeping budget in mind, Strong opted to transform an IKEA bed into something that would qualify as awesome. Altogether, the ultimate bed cost about $850 to build, and the only non-Ikea materials he used were some plywood slats, whiteboard covering for the slide, and odds and ends from the hardware store.

He worked on the bed for about an hour or two per day over the course of two months.

“This was the first IKEA hack I’ve done,” Strong said. “But I have a few more ideas for kid-focused furniture/mechanical contraptions. “I thought about what my son enjoys,” Strong said in the video.

“He likes playgrounds, simple machines and is fascinated by rolling ball sculptures and by the time I started this project he was a fan of the book, ‘The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree,’ which features ropes, slides and a secret door.”

The space under the bed was converted into a secret clubhouse that opens by pulling down a book, which then opens the bookcase as a door, according to Strong.

“Just like something you might see in an episode of Scooby-Doo,” he said.

The bed is also fitted with a slide, pulley, crane and ball run.

“Hopefully it qualifies for the title of most awesome bed ever,” Strong said in the video.

The result is a dream bed that not only looks incredibly sleek, but also brilliantly fun to play in.