Halloween is one of the most loved holidays. There are spooky things everywhere. Adults and children do their costumes weeks before the holiday! Everyone is so excited. Unfortunately, every décor costs money and sometimes your wallet just says “no”. However, there are some ideas for DIY Halloween home decor that are easy to make, your kids will be happy and will not make your wallet cry.

If you have some glass bottles, here is your first idea. Remove the labels and the caps from the bottles. Secondly you need to spray them with white paint and draw spooky ghost faces with a black marker. You can even put some straws in it to make them look even more cute. Here you go with the Boo Bottles.

Tables need some scary décor, too. Hook five bobby pins on 3/8-inch flat metal washer.
Wrap some twine around the pins and white spray them. Then put some toy spiders. You have done a creepy saucer for cups – The Spider Saucer.

Now search for some moss, twigs and rock from the garden or the backyard. After that get some small Halloween-like toys such as skull or some creepy bird. Then create a miniature scene using the moss and rocks, and when it looks complete put the toys into upside-down jars, just like a jar prison, so that they cannot escape. Now you have made your scary terrarium.

Your white napkins look boring, right? Splash some red paint or ketchup and then put a set of plastic vampire teeth; tie them around the centre of the napkin. Not so boring now.

You can put some pictures on your wall. Print creepy images from the Internet of a crow, owl, bat, spider, whatever you like, into black and white filter. Put them into wooden embroidery hoops from a craft store (it cost under 1.2 GBP) or into frames. Hang the scary images on the walls.

Another creative and easy idea is using the milk gallons for decorations. Make sure that you have cleaned them well. Fill the gallons with white holiday lights and draw faces with a black marker. The spooky ghost gallons will glow on the porch or the walkway of your house.

The not needed egg cartons can turn into bat decoration. Cut them in a way that the bat will have two wings and a body, paint it black and draw googly eyes. Make little ghosts of white paper and make spooky faces. Then hang them on the lights, such as using cord.

If you happen to have jars, cover them with orange paper, draw faces with black marker and pop a candle in each jar. Now you have the pumpkin glow.

The door should not be left undecorated. Spray a wreath grey or black, or keep it natural. Put some ghosts made of white paper with little eyes on them and attach a ribbon with some glue. If you like, you can wrap some lollipops on it.

You can make cute mummies from a square cardboard. Wrap the cardboard with gauze using some glue, attach some googly eyes and a little sweet ribbon, for a girl mummy. You have sweet mummy seating cards.

You can easily décor your living room using old white sheet. Put them on the sofas and tables and the house looks creepy. You can put some black candles for extra scary points.

Having the perfect decoration for Halloween is not a hard work at all. A little creativity, materials from your trash and the stationery shop are all you need to create a creepy scenery just like in the films.

The article is contributed by Edna Thomson, owner of AfterTheBuilders Highbury