My wife gave birth to our last child 100% natural without the use of an epidural or narcotics. It was a tremendously emotional experience with a roller-coaster of feelings, the end result being our perfect son, Heath.

After witnessing my wife go through labor, I realized how both mentally and physically strong she really was.  It would be interesting to see how many men would opt for pain medications right away, if judging how we handle colds is any indication of our pain tolerance.

Remember to tell your wife she is sexy, even with stretch marks. The difficult part isn’t telling our wives we think they’re even more sexy, the difficult part is getting them to truly believe it as society dictates that stretch marks and saggy boobs are not sexy. Try telling her how much you appreciate her for carrying your family, how powerful and strong she was giving birth. Remember, the marks are a reminder of what she went through to provide your family with life’s greatest treasure, children.