Ryan Reynolds may be handsome  and successful but he has no clue how to assemble an IKEA crib in a hilarious video recently released by GQ.

Reynolds, who welcomed daughter James with wife Blake Lively in December, has a horrible time trying to assemble the crib. Along with seemingly impossible directions and umpteen parts, he eventually phones IKEA’s customer service department for help.

“Oh, hi there! I’m calling about the Hensvik baby crib,” he says while talking to a representative. “No, no, no! There’s no problem with it. I think the biggest issue I’m having right now is that the crib didn’t come assembled. There’s just an enormous amount of hardware that’s come with this unit and I gotta be honest with you I’m having a real hard time putting this thing together.”

“Besides a slow descent into alcoholism, I’m just really having trouble finding all the screws and the pieces that go with it. I mean there’s gotta be over a hundred thousand pieces that come with it,” he adds.

He tells the representative on the phone that he’s taking a “slow descent into alcoholism.” and at one point Reynolds quietly murmurs “IKEA…Swedish for f—k you!”

Reynolds eventually manages to put the thing together, but not by following instructions but rather though the help of duck tape.

If you have ever had to assemble anything from IKEA, especially assemble an IKEA crib, watch and be laugh — Ryan Reynolds is just like the rest of us.