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This Summer, our family decided to stop at Five Islands, Nova Scotia on the way home from a camping trip. Five Islands is the home to some of the words highest tides, within a 12 hour window the tides can regress upwards of 35 feet, leaving a muddy mess on what was the ocean floor just hours earlier.

We dug for clams, looked for sea shells but the most popular game of all was playing a game of tag with my daughter, Elise. She would run as fast as her little legs could carry her, eventually tripping with a ‘splat’ into the mud.

It was all fun and games until we decided to go home and we all took a look at each other. All of us were covered in a thick, clay like mud, it was everywhere as you can see from the pictures below.




Summer is full of opportunities for kids to get filthy, and thankfully our family knows how important it is to having a high-quality, powerful and up to date washer/dryer units in our home, like the new Maytag Laundry top load washer and dryer.

Here are some other outdoor activities that our kids adore, mainly because they love getting dirty:

  • Rolling down the hill in our backyard. Turns a crisp white dress into a grass green.
  • Playing in our sandpit. Add water to make sand castles, and yes, more mud.
  • Home made Slip ‘N Slide. Buy a roll of plastic sheeting from your local hardware store and hookup the sprinkler at the top, instant fun for the whole family. Warning: Adding dish soap to the slide to increase speed.
  • Sidewalk chalk. Allow your kids to get creative by drawing masterpieces on your driveway (and their clothes)




#MyFilthiestPlay Filthiest Plays of the Week Contest

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