A Reddit user shared a photo of a father and son duo that perfectly sums up parenting. It is a perfect example how parents always put their children first.

dad holding umbrella over son

A father and son are walking through a downpour, Dad’s shirt is completely soaked while his son stays perfectly dry under an umbrella that dad is holding. This image is a perfect metaphor for parenting, to put our kids first over our needs.

Some redditors were quick to jump on this dad for what they called “poor umbrella-ing.”

B-but… The umbrella looks big enough for two…

Give the umbrella to the kid. Hold the kid. Problem solved.

B-but… The umbrella looks big enough for two…

No mother would ever do this.

No, there are far more ways to solve this than getting totally soaked.

…and a mum would have made sure the kid was sent to school with a raincoat on in the first place haha.

Moms would have brought two umbrellas.

Regardless that the dad decided not to seek shelter, it made for an amazing photo which hit’s all of us in the feels.