A recent study shows sexy men actually make worse Dads.

Sexy men expend more energy on working out and energetic love-making at the expense of nurturing their young, a recent University of Brasilia study found.

One caveat, the study we are referencing is referring to birds, specifically the male blue-black grassquits which are native to the West Indies and in Central and South American countries around the Caribbean Sea.

The study shows that female birds that choose partners that are colored blue (equivalent to a 6-pack in the bird world), appear to be disappointed in their partner when the babies arrive.

Males that possess higher ultraviolet and blue coloration in their plumage’s provided food less often to their offspring compared to poorly ornamented males’ said researcher Pedro Diniz of the University of Brasilia.

Previous studies with grassquits have shown that bluer males, in terms of coverage or colour reflectance of their plumages, are high quality males. These are males that are usually older thus more experienced, in better body condition, and less infested with ectoparasites compared to less ornamented males” Mr Diniz explained.

The researchers state also state that females still chose the ‘sexy’ blue-colored birds over less attractive birds. Go figure.

We were surprised to find that song and leap display were not effective predictors of how much a male or a female should feed their offspring. It seems that, at least in grassquits, colouration is more important than song and motor display for parental care decisions” said Mr Diniz.

We need more studies to clarify which is more important for grassquit mothers when deciding how much to invest in their chicks: the quality of their partners as dads or their attractiveness as partners, which can be inherited by the male offspring’ Mr Diniz added.

Go ahead, eat that Big Mac, you’ll be a better dad for it.

photo credit: Lander Otaola via photopin (license)