As I rocked my flu stricken 2 year old baby boy to sleep tonight, I had a thought which has not crossed my mind before. How would I, a straight dad who has been happily married for 7 years,  react if my son one day told me he was gay?


My initial response caught me off guard. I actually had to ‘clear’ my thoughts and re-quiz myself in disbelief. If my son sat down with me and told me he is gay, I would be relieved. Not relieved that he was gay, relieved that he is able to live his life as he wants to live it. Relieved that he does not have to live in hiding or shame, pretending to be someone he is not which can leads to dark places. Relieved that he is comfortable enough to tell his father. Relieved knowing he has courage. Relieved that he will be happy. I am comfortable with my sexuality, there is absolutely no reason that my son cannot be comfortable with his.

That is all I want for both of of my children, for them to be happy and comfortable with who they are.