In a video posted to YouTube, 31-year-old mother Emily Wright, explains to dads the optimum time to approach their wives for sex in a tutorial she created called the ‘Mum Code’.

Using a series of line graphs, Emily humorously advises clueless dads that several factors need to be taken into consideration before propositioning sex to their exhausted partners, ranging on factors such as the cleanliness of the house and how long the children have been asleep.

She starts the video explaining to confused husbands that: ‘You have plenty of opportunity to have sex with your wife – you’re just not paying attention to the mum code.’ and warns that repeated rejections are a case of husbands failing to pick up ‘on the most simple, simple cues’.

According to her findings, the following conditions must be met prior to propositioning sex; the kids have been asleep for 45 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes, the house is spotless, the two to three glasses of wine have been drunk and her hair has been done.

Do you agree with the “mum code”?