Dads know how to have fun and know not take life too seriously. We don’t mind rolling around in the grass, picking up worms, giving shoulder rider or tickling our children until we obtain the ever satisfying belly laugh.

This list isn’t to downplay the many crucial things that moms do on a daily basis to keep the family ticking, it’s simply to point out the that dads do better.

Playing Rough

Kids love to roughhouse, and so do dads. Researchers believe that the most important aspect of this play is that it gives children a sense of achievement when they ‘defeat’ a more powerful adult, building their self-confidence and concentration. However, fathers who resist their children, can also teach them the life lesson that, in life, you don’t always win. The act of a stronger adult holding back that strength also helps to build trust between father and child.

Getting the Kids Wound Up

Nobody is better at getting their kids pumped up, especially if it’s right before bed.

Bumps and Bruises

While moms tend to jump into action when their child has a boo-boo, dads tend to use the classic line “Their fine! It’s just a bump”.


Nobody has better hiding spots than Dad, mainly because we don’t pick this same spot over and over (yes, I’m looking at you kid, hiding behind the curtains).

Building Forts

Dads instinctively know how to build epic forts through the use of cardboard boxes, bungee cords, sheets, cushions and just about everything else around the house.

Shoulder Rides

Dads, also known as “Shoulder Sherpa’s”, will hoist children onto their shoulders without hesitation.


Kids love going on adventures with Daddy, from exploring the outdoors to looking for “lost treasure”.


Dads can be found outside giving their kids lessons on riding a bike or how to catch a ball. Or how to protect your face after missing the ball.


It’s a fact. All dads love Lego and will make any excuse to play it with their children. The only downside is when your toddler comes along and demolishes your last hour of work.

Goofing Off

Nobody goofs off like a dad. Whether it be in public or private, dads will do anything to get a laugh from his kids.

Amusement Parks

Dad ain’t afraid of no ride. Dads will use any excuse to take their children on an amusement park ride, and then console them afterwords after realizing it was too intense for a 4-year-old.

Creepy Crawly Critters

Dads will usually pick up anything that moves — and then go show the kids.


Maybe because it is one of the few meals dad can make with confidence, bacon and eggs is dads domain. Hollandaise sauce is not.

Science Experiments

Dads love to show off their cool science tricks, from Mentos in Diet Coke to baking soda and vinegar. Check out this link for some cool science experiments to do with your kids.


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Photo credit: Riding Tall via photopin (license)