Backache, swollen breasts and the constant urge to pee: Meet the DADS wearing 33-pound ’empathy bellies’ to experience the pain of being nine months pregnant. Three fathers are wearing two-and-a-half stone baby bumps for a month must wear fake bellies and breasts to work, to the pub and to bed.

The goal is to honor mothers in the run-up to Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 15 in the UK. Swollen breasts, the constant urge to wee and broken nights are problems expectant mums know all too well and men have been unable to share – until now.

So what happened when three dads became nine months pregnant?  Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins are discovering exactly what it’s like to have a baby on board by wearing pregnancy suits to honor mums in the run up to Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 15.

‘A few minutes later, with belly strapped firmly in place, I waltzed out of there with a new-found spring in my stride. It was wonderful, I could move again.’  Yet despite the trials and tribulations just one week in Steve admits to bonding with his ‘baby’.  He told his diary: ‘It seems to be taking on a personality. It has a name, and its name is Bump. I cradle it, pat it, rub it and I just caught myself talking to it while patting it.’

As well as writing down their experiences the dads are also uploading videos of their pregnancy journeys to their online diaries – and all three are looking forward to Mother’s Day when they can remove the suits for good.

‘Huge respect goes to all you pregnant mums out there. Every single one of you,’ – Steve.

‘I wonder why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs,’ – Jason.


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