Dads from the popular subreddit Daddit, have compiled a list of the 10 must read books for new dads.

1. Mayo Clinic book. We found informative but not stressful, down-to-earth, and pretty realistic about the risks and challenges of a modern non-bubble-wrap-padded pregnancy. the Mayo book is one we look forward to reading every week and tracking our progress through the pregnancy, while What to Expect made everything sound much more terrifying that it actually is.

2. The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year. Very practical and simple, and the humor makes it very readable. The Manual is great and funny, but so far I’m finding the actual advice too far deeply embedded in silly language. It is a fun read though…if only for the Portal-esque humor :)

3. The Expectant Father. It’s very similar to the what to expect books I guess, but has useful content for dads. I’ve found it a great way to follow along the pregnancy.  Loved that one, and am in the midst of reading the “sequel,” “The New Father.” Highly recommended! For a thoroughly modern dad-to-be, The Expectant Father presents a wealth of information on pregnancy and life after baby, including tips for those considering becoming stay-at-home fathers. Throughout the month-by-month chapters Brott and Ash are dedicated to helping the expectant dad figure out his role and understand how all the impending changes will affect him–all while supporting his partner, of course.

4. The Happiest Baby on the Block: I got so many recommendations for this book that I was a bit wary, thinking it had to be a fad. But now that I’ve read the book, I feel like I actually have some tools in the toolbox to help our baby relax and sleep when she arrives. And thanks to a bit of practice with friends’ babies, I’ve gone from thinking swaddling a bit silly to a complete convert.

5. Brain Rules for Baby: The best book I’ve read so far, full of interesting information on a baby’s mental and intellectual development, and with solid scientific background, how to support and stimulate it.

6. Taking Back Childhood: My wife is reading this now, and loving it. She says it’s a great book on how to understand your child’s actions and behavior at various levels of development, and how to properly respond. In particular, she’s really liked the parts that talk about how to raise a child in a media-saturated society, and how to help them get through schools that are overly regimented and don’t allow enough creativity and exploration.

7. Be Prepared: This book is great because it’s super concise, easy to understand, and funny. Perfect for the bathroom. It touches on the most important basics only – some of those other massive baby books are just too much – you get lost in them and they making taking care of a baby seem much harder than it really is. Not that it’s easy, but it’s WAY easier than I was lead to believe. Expectant dads with a funnybone will enjoy the humor in Be Prepared, as well as the wide range of topics discussed–from basic baby care to picking the right stroller to making your baby laugh. Alongside silly illustrations, this book does have some valuable information for dads-to-be with little to no previous baby experience. Never swaddled a newborn? Check out the handy illustrated step-by-step instructions. Wondering how, exactly, to accomplish taking baby’s temperature? That’s covered, too. Ideas are also presented for other “manly” duties such as changing a diaper at a sporting event, babyproofing the house, and camping with a baby. Greenberg and Hayden do a good job of easing any new dad fears with a comedic slant.

8. The Bro Code for Parenting:  My dad gave me this book called father to son. Hit me right in the daddy issues cause he marked the ones that he thought were most important.

9. Boot Camp for New Dads : I’ll tell you, hands down, the best “pre-dad specific” book I got was handed to me for free when I attended the class, at our hospital. The course was spectacular and I totally recommend it (it was the turning point for me from 100% freak-out to about 50% feeling like I could do this), but the book is full of checklists and really broken-down information about pregnancy and infant care. SUPER grounded and down to earth.

10. Dad’s Pregnant Too!: Built on personal accounts and real-life anecdotes from hundreds of interviews, Dad’s Pregnant Too!is an everyman’s guide to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the early days of parenting, filled with sensible information that’s easy to understand and quick to read. More than a hundred topics are presented through trivia, tips, Q&As, and sidebars, including what to expect when it comes to doctor appointments, sex during pregnancy, mood swings, prepping for birth, spoiling mom-to-be, shopping for baby gear, push presents, and Baby’s weekly development.

 Is your favorite book missing from the list? 


photo credit: Reading List via photopin (license)