One night, as Chris Grady tried every trick in the book to get his 3-week-old  daughter to fall asleep, he realized someone else had done the same thing for him many years ago: his parents.

The illustrator behind Lunarbaboon expressed his appreciation in a comic he titled “Shh.”

“She would have no memory of it, but she would probably think of it when/if she had kids,” he said. “Then suddenly I had a vision of my own parents doing the same thing for me, and I realized I had never thanked them.”

Grady concluded that parents should be thanked for the things we can’t remember as well as the things they do as the years go by.

“Parents are never thanked enough for all the things they did that we will never remember. They keep us alive, help us grow and then send us off and usually we set off running without ever looking back. I guess I should say it now that I have the chance. Thanks, Mom and Dad.”

You will want to thank your parents after this comic.